Firebird 3 was released almost a year ago and it has already got two minor releases. But there is still no official packages for MacOS. So this post is about my humble attempt to build it on MacOs from source code. Most of the instructions are taken from Paul Beach’s Firebird Devel list post or from his blog. This area is not my expertise so there may be inefficient or even wrong approaches so use it on your own risk and any suggestions, corrections and improvements are always welcomed.


For a time I’ve been searching for a good python editor under Ubuntu. I’ve tried : SPE : Does not work in Turkish Locale. Have set LC_ALL = C before running. Also not so good in editing in html, css and js Eric : Somehow I could not feel comfortable with it. Komodo Edit : Fine in editing multiple types files, but lacks many python editing features. Comprasion with Komodo IDE is here.


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